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Butt Enlargement Surgery and Butt Enhancement Creams

For those who want curves without the hassle or the cost of surgery, padded panties offer instant results. Body shaping pants are becoming all the rage with men as well as women, as the quest for a shapely, more muscular body intensifies. As well as pants that fill out the butt area, women can buy padded bras and men can even buy underwear that will pad out their groin area. The obsession with looking good means people are turning to all manner of quick fixes to get the body shape they desire, but when it comes to the bum, are padded panties enough to give you a butt to be proud of?

The most common type of butt enlargement pills is cosmetic surgery, where muscle and skin grafts are transplanted on to the butt from an area of the body that has fatty deposits, such as the thighs. While this is often a painful, not to mention expensive, procedure, it offers very quick results. People can also ensure the surgeon gives them the exact butt they want, which is not possible with other options. Butt enhancement pills and creams are also becoming increasingly popular, especially those who want their bum to be completely natural. The unique formulations of these products is kept under wraps but is believed to be an herbal combination, focusing mainly on plant extracts. The creams and pills promise results over the course of a few weeks and because the formula encourages healthy tissue growth, a person will see firming of the butt, as well as it getting bigger. There is no weight gain involved. However, there is no medical research to back up the claims of these butt enlargement products and unlike padded panties; they may not be suitable for everyone.

It would seem then, that the only way to get an instantly perfect bottom is to invest in padded panties. You also have the option of silicone butt implants, which are much like the silicone pads you can put in a bra to increase the size and shape of your breasts. These slip into a pair of panties and instantly give you a rounder, firmer bottom. Although these panties may seem like a dream come true, and they are ideal for that last-minute night out, there is one major disadvantage that doesn't apply to other butt enlargement options - they do not look or feel natural. Well some may look natural enough to the untrained eye but if your bottom is out of proportion to your body people may begin to wonder. They are also not ideal wear for the beach, although you can buy panties that fit under your bikini.

There is no clear winner when it comes to comparing butt enlargement with padded panties. Butt enlargement surgery, creams or pills are an ideal option for those who want to make permanent changes to their bottom without any work. The panties however, are better designed for someone who only wants a round butt when wearing that little black dress or to look good while they are out.

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Unsurprisingly, most companies are reluctant to reveal what is actually in there creams, although it is believed many are herbal concoctions with no actual drug or medicine content. This makes them safe to use for the majority of people, although there effectiveness is still unclear.

Butt augmentation involves lifting, rounding and firming the buttocks through cosmetic surgery. This procedure is expensive and can be very painful, but the majority of people who choose this option are happy with the results they get. Butt enhancement cream seems to lack medical or scientific evidence to back it up. But then since not as quick a result as augmentation is claimed, it is not too hard to believe a cream could have positive effects on the bottom. For example, certain herbal properties, derived from plants, have a proven record when it comes to encouraging and strengthening soft tissue growth. Over time, this means the area where the cream is applied will begin to look smoother. Claims that butt enhancement cream are more effective than strenuous butt exercises are slightly over-the-top. Nothing replaces the need for regular exercise in order to stay fit and tone up any wobbly bits. There is a good chance though, that these creams will have positive results when used in conjunction with an exercise plan.

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